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Mrunalini Bushell
Mrunalini BushellSold used Samsung S22
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Easysellphone offered the best price for my phone and the process was very simple and straightforward. Overall a reliable and professional way to give away your unwanted gadgets for a worthy price.
Zubia Anjum
Zubia AnjumSold old Samsung S9
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A hassle-free experience. They contacted me and within 24hrs the agent arrived. The agent was very helpful and explained the whole process. Quick and easy way to sell your pre-owned gadgets. Highly recommend it.​
Ahmed Shaaban
Ahmed ShaabanSold used iPhone 13 Pro
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I had an excellent experience with the sale of my device. From getting a price online to receiving instant cash at home. It was transparent and honest. I got the same price for the flawless category.
Omer Tariq
Omer TariqSold old iPhone 12 Pro Max
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Excellent service! Quick, prompt, clear instructions.​ They paid cash after evaluation of the device. Best part was it was all without any hassle of going to the market or online stores.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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Ashish Goguvan
Ashish GoguvanSold old Lenovo laptop
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Very professional and courteous. It was a seamless experience. The price I got for my laptop was beyond my expectation, all thanks to Northladder. Overall, a fantastic experience.


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To sell your phone with Easy Cell Phone, begin by submitting a quick survey with details about your phone’s condition and included accessories. Based on the information provided, we will calculate a price for your device. Next, we’ll schedule an appointment to visit your location and personally inspect the phone. Once we verify its condition, we’ll complete the transaction, pay you on the spot, and pick up the phone. Enjoy a convenient and secure selling experience with Easy Cell Phone.

– Mobile phones
– Laptops
– Tablets
– Smartwatches

Easy Cell Phone provides a convenient platform for selling these electronic devices. Whether you want to upgrade to a new device or simply sell your used ones, our website offers a hassle-free selling experience for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

The condition and price of your device on Easy Cell Phone are determined through a comprehensive evaluation process. We consider factors such as functionality, display condition, battery health, cosmetic appearance, and included accessories. Our team also conducts market research to ensure competitive pricing. If applicable, we may perform an on-site verification to ensure accuracy. Rest assured, we strive to provide a fair and transparent assessment of your device’s condition and offer a price that reflects its value.

The condition of your device on Easy Cell Phone refers to its overall state and functionality. It is categorized as new, like new, excellent, good, or fair. New devices are unused, while like new devices show minimal signs of use. Excellent devices have minimal wear, good devices show visible signs of wear, and fair devices have noticeable wear and potential functional issues. Accurately assessing your device’s condition ensures a fair evaluation and transaction process.

To ensure a good price for your device, conduct market research to understand average market prices. Obtain multiple quotes from different sources to compare offers. Trust in Easy Cell Phone’s commitment to competitive pricing. Finally, assess your own satisfaction with the price offered, considering factors such as device condition and the convenience of the selling process.

At Easy Cell Phone, we responsibly handle your device. Devices in good condition are refurbished for resale in the UAE, contributing to the circular economy. For devices that cannot be refurbished, we ensure environmentally-friendly recycling and disposal. We prioritize data security by securely erasing personal information. Trust us to handle your device responsibly, make a positive impact on the environment, and offer affordable options in the UAE market.

Including accessories can increase the value of your offer. The presence of original accessories such as chargers, cables, and earphones can result in a higher price for your device. Including accessories will enhance the overall value and attractiveness of your listing.

we prioritize your data security. Before refurbishing or recycling devices, we ensure secure erasure of all personal data. Our processes adhere to industry standards and regulations to protect your privacy.

data wipe is performed using industry-standard methods. We utilize advanced data sanitization tools to overwrite and eliminate all personal data on the device. Thorough verification is conducted to ensure successful and secure erasure of your data.

Data wipe is performed using industry-standard methods. We utilize advanced data sanitization tools to overwrite and eliminate all personal data on the device. Thorough verification is conducted to ensure successful and secure erasure of your data.